The Beginning of Jeweller Profiles: AU Edition

From the very beginning my goal was to always highlight the indie jewellers creating incredible work throughout Australia. A common question I've been asked is why? Well it's quite simple really, as I got older and started to appreciate solid gold fine jewellery I wanted to seek out pieces that were different—not from your typical retail stores.

In my search for something unique it was challenging to find Australian based designers that weren't already mainstream but I did stumble across a few. It was equally as hard to find an engagement ring that fit my style! I thought others might've had the same problem as me or would be interested in the designers I've found so far.

I've managed to reach out and contact a few jewellers and am in the process of writing up their profiles, I only have a few so far and they'll be posted up over the next few weeks. It would be nice if I can turn this into an on-going series!

SO if there are any designers you know and love currently do reach out and let me know, I'd love to profile as many jewellers as I can!

You can drop me a message via the contact page ❤️

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