What's in my 2020 jewellery collection?

As a self-confessed jewellery addict my current collection doesn't quite live up to that claim. Before becoming completely immersed in the online jewellery world I had originally intended to gift myself one piece of jewellery every year since graduating from college. To my surprise I actually stuck to that one piece a year rule...until now! 

I started Fated Threads a little over a year ago now and within that much time I've managed to double my collection. While it's not such a huge feat every piece has been carefully selected to become a part of my personal collection. But enough about that, you're here for the personal collection jewels! Let's take a peep into what I've been collecting...

My original collection consists of modern designs made by independent designers based in America, Thailand and Australia with one ring purchased from a big box retailer for good measure. My dad actually purchased the very first 'mega sparkler' in my collection, my family and I were on a family Cruise back in 2013-2014 and this blue diamond ring with a white diamond halo somehow managed to catch my eye in the jewellery store on board. That was the year that I had just turned 18 and graduated from high-school so I like to think of this ring as my dad's gift to me to commemorate such big life events. You'll be able to tell instantly that I have a preference for yellow gold so as this ring is white gold I plan on getting it remade one day!

In the pile above you'll see a custom cluster ring that I had made by Melanie Casey when I graduated from College and I'm pretty sure I turned 21 that year, the darling lavender purple Spinel pear was purchased as a birthday present to myself from what was then called Stud and Stuff (they now go by By Joy Fine Jewelry) and the simple band at the bottom was gifted to me by my then-boyfriend (now Fiancé) from Pandora. 

So what's changed since I made Fated Threads? I initially opened the IG account to document my jewels but that sort of spiralled a little bit. Call them impulse purchase or COVID purchases, whatever they are, these rings are a part of my personal collection now!

While I may have let loose a little this year with the extra ring purchases I did consciously decide to place an order for a custom ring from Belinda Saville who is an Australian based jewellery designer. I've wanted a piece from Belinda for a while now and decided this year I would finally treat myself to one. I went with her custom salt and pepper rose cut diamond ring design and chose this beautiful milky grey diamond. This ring represents new beginnings for me. 

And now my Engagement ring, I've saved the best for last! You can read all about my search for this ring in another blog post so I'll keep it short and sweet here. I got this ring from Olga at @OldWorldTreasures and it is absolutely perfect. This will eventually become an heirloom piece and I honestly hope that my future children won't re-set it in any way 😭.

I think you can tell by my current collection that I do love delicate and dainty rings more than larger pieces, however, with the addition of my vintage garnet signet I'm starting to think larger pieces can fit right into my style as well! A whole new world of jewellery has opened up to me and I'm really enjoying this collecting process—seeing what fits into my style and what doesn't and trying on styles that I wouldn't have thought to consider before. 

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